Attorney client privilege essay

What is the result, however, when an employee such as Smith seeks advice in her individual capacity, as opposed to the corporate one? Death of a Client. Smith is the president or chief financial officer of ABC, and discusses with Jones, the attorney, the tax exposure or potential liability of ABC.

This ensures that a client can communicate openly so that the attorney operates from a position of informed counsel, and thus protects the rights and well-being of the client.

The waters become more murky when the potential client is a business entity. During the course of the meeting, Smith discloses sensitive information. The second conflict of interest is with myself, as paralegal to Ally McNeill. The privilege is designed to foster frank, open, and uninhibited discourse between attorney and client so that the clients legal needs are competently addressed by fully prepared attorney who is cognizant of all the relevant information the client can provide encyclopedia of everyday law, October Moreover, even if the requisite showing is made, certain information might create a conflict of interest for the corporate attorney.

Generally speaking, the attorney-client privilege does not take hold until the parties have agreed on the representation of the client. What if the communication is disclosed to a third party after a privileged exchange between attorney and client?

The Attorney-Client Privilege is an evidentiary rule that protects both attorneys and their clients from being compelled to disclose confidential communications between them made for the purpose of furnishing or obtaining legal advice or assistance.

Attorney-Client Privilege

Due to the ambiguous nature of the situation, and the necessity of a judgment call on the part of defense, the sanctions would likely not be as severe as disbarment, suspension, or probation; they might include one of the lesser sanctions such as reprimand, or admonition, depending on the discretion of the governing body.

In addition to these more traditional policy exceptions to the application of the privilege, recent events remind us that the privilege is not at all absolute. Retrieved on October 9, from http: Likewise, the client may not be compelled to testify regarding matters communicated to the lawyer for the purpose of seeking legal counsel.

Jones represents Smith in connection with the sale, but not the stockbroker. Another conflict of interest rests with the prosecutor, who might not be as enthusiastic about protecting his own client, for fear of endangering his current dating relationship with the defense attorney.

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Concept Of Attorney-Client Confidentiality And Conflicts Of Interest Essay Sample

Suppose Sally Smith contacted David Jones, an attorney, by telephone. In the majority of cases, the determination that the attorney-client relationship exists is not a laborious undertaking, for more often than not, the attorney has expressly acknowledged representation of the client.

However, the communication need not be so overt as an oral or written action. Take, for example, our hypothetical from before. Not surprisingly, the showing required of the corporate employee in this regard is a more stringent one. Some of the most common exceptions to the privilege include: An express contract is not necessary to form an attorney-client relationship; the relationship may be implied from the conduct of the parties.

A wavier can also occur where the communication takes place in public, or in some less than secure environment office of general counsel, pg 2. For example, the existence of the attorney-client relationship or the length of the relationship are not privileged bits of information.

While this list of factors is illustrative, none of these factors, standing alone, will affirmatively establish the existence of an attorney-client relationship.The court's holding in Goldberger was not absolute, it acknowledged the possibility of special circumstances under which the disclosure of client- identifying information may be privileged.

This narrow exception, however, does not apply to the plaintiff here. Special circumstances under which /5(4). THE ATTORNEY-CLIENT PRIVILEGE IN THE UNITED STATES AN AGE-OLD PRINCIPLE UNDER MODERN PRESSURES Edward J.

Krauland1 Troy H. Cribb2 I. Introduction Embedded in the American legal system is the concept that courts and attorneys should attorney and client in a public hallway. Feb 26,  · Attorney Client Privilege Attorney Client Privilege CJS/ Attorney Client Privilege The attorney client confidentiality privilege is one of the oldest law privileges.

 Attorney-Client Privilege: The Flaw on Our Justice System Abstract This paper explores what I think is the constitutional flaw of our criminal justice system, attorney-client privilege. Under certain circumstances, information possessed by an attorney cannot be disclosed to others without the client's consent because of the attorney.

The Attorney-Client Privilege

Concept Of Attorney-Client Confidentiality And Conflicts Of Interest Essay Sample. Inherent in the attorney-client privilege concept, is that everyone deserves to speak freely, without fear of.

The Attorney-Client Privilege is the epicenter of the “assistance” that the founders were speaking to because without this privilege, the citizen’s counsel is flawed and incapable of producing a fair trial.

Attorney client privilege essay
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