Bmw market segmentation targeting and positioning case study

Most of the products of BMW target the affluent and creative class who prefers to buy from BMW considering on how they feel about the company and what it stands for.

These elements include ensuring a market segment is measurable, accessible, substantial, differentiable, and actionable. Porsche targets consumers at differing performance and price levels in the premium sport car and CUV market segment.

InPorsche launched the Panamera a four-door sports coupe based on the market research department identifying a need for a sporty four-door that drives like a sports car. The demographic segment is further divided into income, age and gender.

Identifying and profiling different consumer groups with differing wants and needs market segmentation. The Panamera is the first of its kind creating a new segment of the four-door luxury sports car.

Competitor Analysis The automobile industry is considered to be the most interesting yet complex business sectors globally. Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published. The Porsche strategy of targeting female consumers to optimize the demographic profile by expanding the product lineup and repositioning the brand as an everyday vehicle has resulted in great success.

Porsche performs effective target marketing by: BMW has recently decided to extend its joint venture with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings untilwhich will help both the companies to grow in the largest car market segment.

According to the current reports, BMW has announced that they will soon outperform the market. Market Segmentation The market segmentation, targeting and positioning is mostly done by companies as businesses cannot fulfill the demands and needs of the consumers of the whole population in an equal manner.

Social and Cultural Environment People look forward to purchase hybrid and duel fuel cars. However both the models differ in interior and exterior stylebut for those who is looking out for a luxurious and out class performanceBMW 3 Series is the best choice.

The company faces an intense competition in the market and in order to remain competitive should consider reducing costs and expand into new markets. Ducati motorcycles Target Market Porsche performs target marketing concentrating on the consumers the organization has the strongest potential to satisfy.

In Korea, the company also donates pre- production automobiles to the faculty and students to further study in the automobile technology. The Panamera and Cayenne have proved to be effective brand extensions appealing to a wider audience by offering unique product offerings.

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Porsche varies the product mix offered by dealerships within each region. In the United States dealerships are located in major cities with the manufacturer dividing the market into four regions north, south, southwest, northwest.

Economic Environment Most of the economic factors that affect the company are the economic downturn in the market.

The top gun profile consists of an ambitious and driven individual who cares about power and control expecting to be noticed. Porsche positions itself as a high priced, high quality, exclusive sports car.

The Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera provide Porsche with the ability to extend the brand with vehicles better suited for everyday use. The company targets the younger audience to this new product by placing ads on Spotify as the younger market is the technology savvy, this is why the company chose to promote the product on Spotify.

The essence of peak performance designed to excite your everyday driving and lifestyle provides an appropriate positioning statement considering the repositioning of the brand. The company is operating in almost countries worldwide with approximately dealers who are authorized to sell new and used cars.

Focusing on the premium luxury segment with sports cars five segments and crossover utility vehicles two segmentsPorsche provides the consumer with a frame of reference for the company.

Marketing Plan of BMW

The fantasist profile sees the Porsche as a form of escape and does not care about impressing others.Here is the Marketing strategy of BMW or BMW AG which is a premium German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of BMW Market analysis in the Marketing strategy of BMW.

a case study of market segmentation, targeting and market positioning introduction Built in Chery is one of the famous Chinese car manufacturers aiming at building ‘independent Chinese brand’ and is now on its way to be international.

Analysis of the marketing approach of BMW Based on the above findings, the researcher here intends to analyse the marketing approaches of BMW with respect to consumer behaviour, branding and global. Porsche markets to an elite and upscale target audience effectively using market segmentation, market targeting, and positioning continuing to build on its strong brand focused on products exclusively in the premium (luxury) automotive segment.

Accor Case Study - Segmentation Introduction “Present day marketing strategy can be summed up in the following three words- segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)” Kotler.P, pg Market Segmentation, Positioning and targeting for BMW Introduction This report aims to examine the market segmentation, positioning and targeting of BMW (automobile company).

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Bmw market segmentation targeting and positioning case study
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