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Albeit belatedly, China has now come to its senses and has woken itself up.

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Retrieved on November 28, from http: Secondly, the support the Soviet Union provided in aid and soldiers to protect China from Japan allowed for a strong relationship between the leaders of the emerging communist party in China and the leaders of the Soviet Union.

China adopting Communism would further frustrate the West as Communism shut the large markets, and excluded trade to other communist nations such as the Soviet Union. Both Korea and China saw the West as a threat to their sovereignty, culture, and way of life, and decided to play out a policy of isolation.

Interestingly, because China is currently in a transition period due to its economic reforms it is the only nation in which you can visit the 19th and 21st century in the same country!

Westerners have continually attempted to infiltrate East Asian countries strict foreign policies and conservative views. Evidently, we see that with the fall of economic superiority in Russia the former Soviet Union after the Cold War, China had been forced to look else where for trade, if it were to prosper.

Coming after their heels, China was able to learn from the mistakes their predecessors have made. This has been seen by such economic reforms as privatization of some industries, and some business throughout China. However, while Japan expressed its imperialism by colonizing Korea, Social Darwinism suggested to the Chinese scholars that they may too, like Korea, be inferior to the modernized Japan.

Chinese Economy, Volume 36, Number 1. In the past twenty years, China has been able to increase its Gross Domestic Product GDP by four times, and now is recognized as a global economic power.

Chinese Dragon

China was in a predicament; as a result of the new economic reforms a new class of Chinese businessmen had been formed, and they were able to greatly benefit from the new economic reforms. The government began laying the foundations that would encourage a more market-oriented economy, while maintaining a tight political structure that characterized its socialist orientation.

Indeed the aid provided by the Soviet Union was essential in gathering support for the Communist Party in China.

The West saw its failure to open the markets of China as Communism rose under the leadership of Mao Zedong. As a result of the growing demand for Chinese teas, porcelain, silks, and decorative goods in the West, trade began to soar.

It seems as though China recognized its economy could not stabilize without the former Soviet Union whom had been critical in supporting not only the Chinese economy but communist political spectrum as well. When Zedong and his first-generation Chinese communist hardliners died, they were replaced by Deng Xiaoping, a more liberal ruler who laid the foundations for political and societal reforms, which in turn created an environment more conducive to economic growth.

Inafter decades of isolation, China opened its doors to foreign investors. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Yet, now that the Chinese had decided to step into the modern world to protect itself from Japan, they would fall into the hands of Communism.

Accordingly, since the idea of anti-foreign nationalism and ethnocentrism proposed the West had nothing of manufactured value to China, the trade conducted was in exchange for silver. Nonetheless, with the fall of the Soviet Union as a superpower after the Cold War, the influence of Communism diminished in China.Papers; The Dragon Rises: China’s Growing Economy; B Pages: 6 Words: This is just a sample.

To get a unique essay Hire Writer. this paper intends to look at how these sociological events have been instrumental in creating the China that we know today and how its history as a nation continues to shape its people’s collective and.

The article presents information on the history of dragon boat racing in China. The dragon boat race is a growing water sport.

Dirlik, Arif 22 quantitative Article This article reflects on the existence of the different culture of Chinese. Unlike the “evil” dragon of the West, the Chinese Dragon is a beneficent and gracious creature and is worshipped as the great ruler of Lakes, Rivers and Seas.

It is the powerful yet gentle dragon that brings rain to the earth, hastens the crops and cools the toiling framer/5(1). Chinese Dragon. A Chinese dragon is a myth that was highly regarded in ancient China.

In China, the dragon was a very important symbol used in representation of power, strength and good luck by people associated with these traits or the ones who needed luck.

When drawing a symbol of a Chinese Dragon, nine entities associated with the animal had to be captured. Why the Chinese military is only a paper dragon. Kyle Mizokami. It looks imposing, but (China Photos/Getty Images) September 24, Today China has 16 retirees per workers.

Dragon Boat Festival in China. The Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival, Duānwǔ Jié, Double Fifth, Tuen Ng Jit) is a traditional holiday that commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan).

China is a dragon today essay
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