Negative effects of gambling essay

Gambling addictions will interfere with work relations, promotions, and employment. Employees with severe problems may commit theft, fraud or embezzlement.

A recent report determined that there are over 53 million American gamblers, that is defined by the industry as "folks who have gone gambling more than five times in a given year" Nealon This is true in that the gambling industry in America now legally employees hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Besides, gamblers also might tend to isolate themselves from their friends and family as a way to hide or carry out their act. Petry states that addicted gamblers will have the possibility to get insomnia, headaches, back or neck pain, high blood pressure, digestive problems and gastric.

Negative Effects of Problem Gambling

At work, he was unable to concentrate on his job, often do errors and sometimes absent to work without a valid reason.

However most of the jobs created are low paying and offer little opportunity for the worker to progress. Financial strains impact all family members, and strained relationships make the experience difficult for even extended family members, friends, and colleagues.

Meanwhile, for gambling-addicted workers, Colorado Lottery CL warns that they can disrupt working activities through lost in time, lost in productivity, and in desperate situations, the Negative effects of gambling essay may resort to theft. Although genetics play an important role in the development of problem gambling in both women and men, but the researchers found no evidence of gender differences in the causes of problem gambling.

Just because it is difficult to do, does not mean that there should be no one that takes the time and effort to do so. Gambling addiction may lead you to miss work, or come to work distracted.

People with a gambling addiction will go to extreme measures to get money to gamble. The Effects Of Gambling The Effects Of Gambling The gambling industry is a popular and entertaining field, but its secondary effects need to be controlled.

Secondly, gambling can cause mental health issues and physical health problems. Indeed, there needs to be a limit to the growth of the gambling industry. Addiction to gambling can lead to a change in mindset, behaviour and attitude. The Griffiths et al. Another common adverse effect of addiction on gambling is financial problems.

However, the consequences caused by gambling can be avoided via personal awareness or by getting involved in other more beneficial and meaningful activities. Oak claims that if a gambling-addicted worker is fired from his or her job, then he or she will lose his or her main source of income due to job loss.

First of all, gambling creates jobs. One of the reasons why gambler tends to smoke more and increase in alcohol consumption is to reduce pressure and stress.

Therefore, it is important for us to limit or control, but the best is to avoid gambling activities.

The Effects Of Gambling

If they wish to ruin their own lives, and the lives of their loved ones, that is their choice, and there will always be some other individuals that will benefit from such choices. On the other hand, it could also be that researchers have just not taken the time or made the effort to determine the positive aspects primarily because it is so easy to see the negative over the positive.

In the past decade there has been incredible growth in the gambling industry. The study also shows severe problem gamblers will have a possible risk of self-harming behaviour such as suicide attempt.

Calls from creditors and bill collectors erode relationships.

Negative Effects of Gambling Addiction

According to a study conducted by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health CAMHmental health issues include stress, anxiety and depression which will actually cause a gambler to have more difficulty to sleep, think and solve problems.

For instance, many loan shark cases have been reported in Malaysia during recent FIFA World Cup matches where some gamblers have to sell off their assets like houses and cars to settle off their debts. Another source of contention would be two studies conducted by Lorenz and Yaffee.Gambling Essay Examples.

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Gambling the Negative Effects of Gambling Have&nbspEssay

Legalized gambling activities also have bad effect to education at philosophically and fiscally (Clotfelter, C.

T. & Cook, P. J., ). On the other hand, states which grip legalized gambling activities can expect major socioeconomic costs and reduce the quality of. Gambling has a number of negative effects that distinguish it from other challenging activities; some of these issues are: addictions, family problems and bankruptcy.

Gambling is not only a problem in the United States. Essay Gambling the Negative Effects of Gambling Have and 90,+ more term papers written by professionals and your peers. Negative Effects of Problem Gambling Gambling is an ever-increasing problem which presently affects around 5% of the population, over one per cent of whom will suffer a lifetime of extreme problem gambling1.

Aug 03,  · The objectives of this research are to find out what are the most common adverse effects of gambling. There are mainly five effects under this discussion: change in behavior; mental and physical health issues; disrupt school or work activities; financial problems; and family and marital disturbance.

Negative effects of gambling essay
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