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If you are interested in exploring the world of literature and do not need or want college credit we will offer varying classes throughout the year ranging from Navajo Literature, to Literature After War, to Contemporary Literature, along with the Classics.

Effectively manipulate language in a variety of creative writing genres, with attention to precision, appropriateness, conciseness, connotation, and freshness. You can now register for classes without leaving the Phoenix Center for the Arts website. Program Certificate The Academic Certificate in Creative Writing prepares students to continue in their academic pursuits, improve their writing skills and enjoy personal development with improved writing skills.

The only requirement is that each student commit to a single novel project for the course of the semester. Explore the craft of poetry, the process of workshop-driven fiction, the craft of writing compelling and new works of fiction. Examine the purpose of nonfiction. Distinguish the writing Phoenix college creative writing classes of nonfiction.

And transfer to a university to get a degree in For some courses, special tuition rates are available for current, certified P teachers and administrators. Already good at it? Analyze creativity in writing nonfiction. For some courses, special tuition rates are available for active duty military members and their spouses.

Many of our students try this for the first time and love it! Not sure where to start? This is a vast world of possibilities.

Class Schedule

With each class you will successfully complete fused glass projects using a variety of glass types and fusing techniques. The Writing Process Describe the necessity of identifying the perspective and point of view.

At PC, get a degree in We also have the facilities to support students whether they are interested in making art for fun, as a career, or both!

Upon completing a certificate, each student produces an original writing portfolio that may be included in applications to undergraduate and graduate programs in creative writing. This class works equally well for those just starting to outline novels as those with a number of pages already completed.

Career and Employment Outlook: Completion of the certificate does not lead to a particular degree program, but may aid students in their pursuit of a career in the writing professions and in their continued enjoyment of writing for personal growth.

Adult Classes

Analyze how form and function change meaning. Throwers and Hand Builders are welcome. We have classes for beginners and professionals, complete with wheels, clay, and kilns.

Illustrate the use of images and symbols to promote creativity in writing. Analyze how revision defines the final form. Examine the purpose of poetry. Compare diction and word selection in interpreting and writing poetry.

The Fusion of Form Distinguish creative writing styles across genres. Why study writing at Phoenix College? These courses will guide you in critically viewing the literature, learning the techniques used by these writers, as well tying them to contemporary life.

Learn how to prepare and cut metal; discover the art of fusing glass to metal; design your own jewelry, and more! Tuition for individual courses varies. Examine the purpose of fiction. Check out our dance classes and get moving!

Any creative writing courses taken at certificate-offering campuses are transferable toward the certificate.

Creative Writing

Only six of the required 24 certificate credits must be earned at the individual college in which students enroll, offering writers tremendous flexibility in course scheduling and convenience. Discuss the structure of poetry.

Nonfiction Discuss the types of nonfiction.Phoenix College has one of the largest community college Creative Writing Programs in the country, and is one of only a handful of community colleges to offer a Creative Writing Certificate.

Creative Writing Schools in Phoenix. Phoenix, AZ (population: 1,) has one creative writing school within its city wine-cloth.comx College has a total student population of 12, It is the nd highest ranked school in the USA and the 80th highest in the state of Arizona (#1 is Northern Arizona University).To learn more about creative writing programs in Phoenix, The Virginia G.

Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University is a home for writers, readers, and the literary community. Creative-writing courses taken at any District college are transferable to the GCC program, but six of the required 24 credits to be applied toward the Academic Certificate in Creative Writing must be earned from Glendale Community College, offering writers tremendous flexibility in.

Creative Writing Techniques: Nonfiction. Discuss the types of nonfiction. Understand the importance of gathering and researching information in nonfiction.

Examine the purpose of nonfiction. Distinguish the writing styles of nonfiction.

Analyze creativity in writing nonfiction. Creative writers are novelists, playwrights, poets, and songwriters. These artists ignite the imagination of audiences with their ideas, emotions, and stories.

Composition and .

Phoenix college creative writing classes
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