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Australians are quick to judge. Stories such as Beaumont Children and Azaria Chamberlain have changed Australians views on how parents should protect their children. Having the same positions at the beginning and end shows that grief and loss is never-ending and there will always be times in life that will remind you of your losses.

All of the characters in their own way deal with pain of some kind and each retreats into an imaginary world in order to find some sense in the way of things. The challenge for the two actors is to range between each of these eccentric roles and not lose the focus of the distinct fear engendered by each.

When considering how to highlight the personal and social tensions in Ruby Moon, we must consider what particular tensions play an important role and which characters the tensions are between.

Ruby Moon and a Beautiful Life

In Ruby Moon Cameron confronts his audience with the greatest of urban fears. Brendan is particularly uncomfortable with this as he looses power and control over the situation.

Speeding this scene up and using different tones as well as dialogue used helps the audience to understand the personal issue of failing to even be able to trust your loved ones in some circumstances. Matt Cameron also explores the individual experience, grief and loss in Ruby Moon.

He has used it effectively to toy with the emotions of the audience, and personally, at those moments of the play I felt frustrated. What do we imagine exists in that darkness?

The play is overtly theatrical in its style and there is an obvious allusion to the theatrical process itself. Vital to the effectiveness of any horror story is the balance between that which is seen and that which is not. As many groups in class presentations demonstrated, Ruby Moon is a play in which the use of audio effects such as voiceovers, music, and sound effects i.

This shows that for grief and loss there are stages that a person goes through to be able to cope with it. Stage directions in the play plainly describe when a pause on stage is to be tense, or what the vibe is supposed to feel like during a particular scene. The play is not about reality per say but about perceptions which in turn shape the form and style of the play itself.

The director needs to walk the audience down the dark path created by Cameron. It is a fairytale that has been modified in such a way that it makes us laugh at unexpected plot development, characterisation, or adverse point of view.

When staged in the right way, Ruby Moon is designed to make the audience uncomfortable and tense. Artaud theatre is a theatrical technique used to further illustrate the fear of the unknown.

Cameron creates a sense of loss and grief by using the story of a young girl called ruby who goes missing on her way to her grandmas. So anyway, here it is: This is shown when the group is in a diagonal line and going down the line each person starts to cry hysterically and passing it on by touching the person behind.

They create a nightmare of possibilities, and their neighbourhood instead of being a place of refuge becomes a perversion of the suburban idyll, a nightmarish backdrop to their fears, populated by villains, mad scientists, perverts etc.

In this sense, some elements within the play reflect broader concerns that have emerged in contemporary Australian society: In this sense alone, Ruby Moon is a remarkable piece of theatre that subverts the general sense of security and normality often associated with suburban Australia.

Ruby Moon Essay Sample

This almost constant use of sound effects throughout the play gives the director a simple way of drawing attention to dramatic tension, acting as a kind of soundtrack, with, for example, the sound of a phone ringing, accentuating the silence between Ray and Sylvie by suddenly breaking it.

Cameron aims to engage the audience fully, making them see the relevance of the issues being portrayed on stage in the hope that the audience would watch the play and think of all the past and present missing children.

The close knitted community that we associate with the suburban dream is gone and instead the focus is on the disconnectedness that is more and more being perceived to be an emerging aspect of contemporary suburban life where neighbours are strangers, sequestered behind closed doors.

As Ray and Sylvie dress up, it was decided by many groups that they should don just a few key costume pieces that they feel sum up their character. The disappearance of Ruby shows the tension that has unfolded between the relationships of Ray, Sylvie and the community. There is a lot going on in this scene — as we realised when our class workshopped it.

These props tell a greater story of the characters and of Sylvie and Ray, and without them the audience would be less interested in these intriguing characters. Its very lifeblood is the suspension of disbelief.

The blood red velvet curtain, the blood red moon, the bare branches of blackened trees, the rocking horse rocking with no one upon it, the mysterious package and solitary street lamp have universal meaning not out of place in the horror movie genre. Cameron states that the play is as much about what is unseen as that which is seen.The Removalists & The Chapel Perilious Essay: DOCX (N/A) Ruby Moon/A Beautiful Life Essay: DOCX (N/A) Analysis of Dorothy Hewitt's Chapel Perilous and David Williamson's The Removalists in terms of style, context, purpose, theatrical challenges and conventions of Australian Theatre It is the images that bring them to.

Ruby Moon is a story about a little girl who sets off to visit her grandma, just like a fairytale, but never arrives. The child randomly taken from our midst is an all-too-common tragedy which threatens us in a deeply primal way.

Innocence is corrupted and our world is distorted, with even the. Education Index Ruby Moon Essay. Ruby Moon Essay In the play ‘Ruby Moon’ Matt Cameron the playwright uses various techniques such as symbolism, transformational acting, cyclical and episodic dramatic structure and a fractured fairytale.

Each viewpoint seeks to give an answer to life’s most difficult questions or origins and how. When reading the play “Ruby Moon” it is easy to pick up on the personal and social tensions between characters.

Audio effects would be highly effective in bringing these themes to life on stage. Analysis Ant Between Business Case Case Study Cat Develop Development Ear Education Era Essay Life Management Paper Plan Report Review.

The play “Ruby Moon” by Matt Cameron explores strong issues and fears that have accumulated throughout post modern and modern society today.

make logical sense Cameron uses several dramatic techniques that convey issues that individuals may face in everyday life, namely the issues of grief and loss and how these emotions can be.

May 12,  · An Exploration of “RUBY MOON” Human like yet lifeless, the doll, as in much theatre and film, is a reminder of the real daughter, the life that is no more. When Ruby’s doll is dismembered it very obviously symbolises the violence that may have been perpetrated against the young girl.

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Ruby moon beautiful life essay
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